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Looking For A Broker On The Sunshine Coast?

When it comes to working with home loan brokers Sunshine Coast borrowers should know that finding the right one makes all the difference. At Sunshine Coast Financial Solutions, we offer a range of services designed to help you find the best financing options available.

A Sunshine Coast mortgage broker on your team means you have someone who can give you expert advice, access to multiple lenders, and a deep understanding of home loans Sunshine Coast — and the Australian finance market in general. We are committed to helping our clients secure the loans they need to achieve their financial goals..

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Mortgage Brokers vs Banks: who has your best interests at heart?

Congratulations — you’ve decided to commit to your dream! Whether it’s to buy a place to live in, start a business, invest in a property, or renovate your current house to become the home you’ve always wanted, you will have to make the big leap of obtaining the finance it requires.

So now, you might be wondering whether to go straight to your bank or find a mortgage broker Sunshine Coast. Well, let’s weigh your options!

Banks offer a range of products and services, including everyday transaction accounts, savings accounts, personal loans, business accounts and loans, debit and credit cards.

Both banks and mortgage lenders alike are direct lenders. The latter is more flexible than the former and can offer “outside-the-box” financing solutions for applicants with lower credit scores or larger loan sizes.

Mortgage brokers, on the other hand, are accredited professionals that work to find customers the best deal for their unique financial situation. They work with a variety of lenders and have the most up-to-date loan products and rates available on the market.

Here’s the deal: if you’re a first-time home buyer, going to your bank might be an option. But, if you want to compare rates and loan products from other lenders, a mortgage broker is your go-to. They’ll help you navigate all the loan language and find the right solution for your financial goals.

Plus, brokers are required to work in your best interest, thanks to the Best Interests Duty Legislation. Not to mention, they’ll also handle all the negotiations with lenders, so you can focus on finding the perfect property.

But the banks and lending institutions are not! What does this mean for you as a borrower?

It means that these institutions:

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Sunshine Coast Financial Solutions: your one-stop shop for your financing needs!

At Sunshine Coast Financial Solutions, our lending experts believe that every individual should have access to financial advice which is trustworthy and affordable. Our transparent and consistent service allows you to seek out the best fit financial solution that is tailored as per your needs.

Please select from the loan products below for more information and feel free to contact us for any queries along the way.

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FAQs for our Home Loan Brokers Sunshine Coast services

Refinancing your home loan can provide a range of benefits, including lower interest rates, lower monthly repayments, access to equity in your home, consolidation of debt, and better loan features. Refinancing can help you save money in the long run, improve your cash flow, and provide greater financial flexibility.

A mortgage broker can help you find the best refinancing options for your needs by comparing loans from multiple lenders. They can help you understand the costs and benefits of refinancing, guide you through the application process, and negotiate with lenders on your behalf to get the best rates and terms possible. A Sunshine Coast mortgage broker can also help you with paperwork, so the process is much easier and more convenient.

Yes, there are typically costs involved with refinancing your home loan, including application fees, discharge fees, and valuation fees. However, these costs are usually small compared to the potential savings from refinancing.

When applying for an investment loan, lenders will consider a range of factors, including your credit history, employment status, income, the size of your deposit, and the type and location of the property you’re looking to purchase. A Sunshine Coast mortgage broker can help you understand the lending criteria and find the right lender for your needs.

Yes, it is possible to have both an investment loan and an owner-occupied mortgage. However, it’s important to note that lenders will typically require a larger deposit for investment loans, so you may need to build up some equity in your current home before applying for an investment loan.

If you have a property on the Sunshine Coast, you might want to consider getting a home loan health check. A home loan health check is a service offered by Sunshine Coast mortgage brokers that allows you to review your existing home loan and assess if it is still competitive or not. A home loan health check can help you determine if there are better loan options out there that could save you money in the long run.

Many mortgage brokers offer a free home loan health check. This means you can get a review of your loan with no obligation to commit to any changes or additional services. If you think your home needs to get one, do not hesitate to contact the team at Sunshine Coast Financial Solutions! Call us at (07) 5437 9073 or email us at [email protected].

You will need to provide your mortgage broker with information about your existing home loan, such as the name of the lender, the interest rate, the balance, and any other relevant information. You may also need to provide additional documentation such as your income and expenses, credit score, and employment information.

Yes, the lender will assess your business income when you apply for a home loan. They will look at your income tax returns and assess your business income based on your financial statements.

The amount you can borrow will depend on your income, expenses, and other financial commitments. Lenders will look at your income and assess your capacity to repay the loan. You can use an online home loan calculator to get an estimate of how much you can borrow.

FHOG is a scheme that aims to assist first home buyers in purchasing their first home by offering a grant. This grant amount and eligibility vary by state and territory. In Queensland, the grant is $15,000. You could use this as part of your deposit when applying for a home loan Sunshine Coast.

Yes, mortgage brokers can help you with the grant application process. They can help you determine your eligibility, prepare your application, and submit it on your behalf.

What our Clients Say

My husband and I are very grateful and happy with the service we received from Chris and his team at SCF Solutions. Very professional and kept us up to date with everything. Would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to anyone wanting a broker.
Morgan Andrews (Morgo)Morgan Andrews (Morgo)
00:53 01 Apr 22
What an absolute campaign from Chris and Dan to get my loan through. They bent over backwards to get the result we wanted. No doubt best in the industry. Up front, honest and hard working. Would highly recommend the team at SCFS to anyone. Thanks for everything team.
Alexandria MontgomeryAlexandria Montgomery
04:44 27 Mar 22
Jo is absolutely incredible! This is the 2nd time my husband and I have gone through Jo for our home loan and I can't recommend her highly enough. We have had such an easy and positive experience that we now have friends, co-workers and other family that have also approached Jo and were also blown away with her service and how easy she made the whole process of applying for a home loan!All we can say is THANK YOU!
chloe leechloe lee
05:24 25 Mar 22
High recommend Joanne and her team; they have been a major support for us with getting our home loan. They communicated really well and are fast with their replies and know what they are doing. I don't know where we would be without them
Zelko KalicZelko Kalic
04:21 18 Mar 22
Just a massive to thank Chris, Daryl and the team for an absolutely professional, dedicated and efficient effort to secure my loan.They went over and beyond any other services I’ve experienced which has made my dream come true. Cannot recommend SCFC enough for their extraordinary efforts. Thank you 🙏
Joanne SansomJoanne Sansom
02:47 18 Mar 22
Can highly recommend Chris and his team at Sunshine Coast Financial Solutions. Chris always provides a prompt and professional service, nothing is ever too much trouble and always goes above and and beyond. Chris is extremely down to earth and explains things in simple terms. Thanks Chris for all your help you have provided and will most definitely continue to use you and recommend you.