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Mortgage brokers are accredited professionals that find the best finance option for the customer. They do not work for a bank, they alternatively source the best loan from banks and other financial institutions. Mortgage brokers generally do not charge the customer a fee for service. They are paid by the bank or financial institutions they secure your loan through.

Yes. There are many things to consider when you are a first home buyer and having the right Mortgage broker on your journey can take much of the strain out of it for you. We can advise and help you along the way to your first home.

The first home buyers grant is a Government funded grant payable to those looking to purchase their first home. You can then use this grant to form a part of your deposit when applying for a loan. Lenders can look at this as a form of your savings along with your own contributions towards the whole deposit. To find out more about the first home buyers grant and how you can make best use of it ask us today.

Deposits on a home loan can start as low as 5% of the purchase price. For example if you are buying a home for $400,000 you will need a minimum of $20,000 deposit. This can be made up of savings and a first home buyers grant if eligible.

For a clear picture on what exact amount of deposit you need contact us today.

Yes. Most home loans have various repayment options and generally speaking the quicker you pay it off and the more frequently you make repayments the faster your loan will be paid off. Paying of your loan faster will can save you many thousands in interest.

Yes. Refinancing your home loan can generally mean finding a lower rate and lower fees potentially saving you thousands. The best way to start is to find out what your current rate and fees are and let us show you a better plan.

Yes. A construction loan taken out is simply for the purpose of building a new home. Lenders will look at the building details and contract and release funds for construction on agreed dates or requirements.

Yes, stamp duty is payable on the purchase price of a home. The rate can be calculated here on a stamp duty calculator.
Yes. Having your new home loan pre approved is a great way to approach the buying process. Being ore approved means you can bid or negotiate a price with confidence and possibly secure a better deal on your new home purchase.
With a fixed rate home loan, you lock in an interest rate at the time the loan is taken out. This rate is fixed for a term agreed by you and the lender at the time. A variable rate home loan on the other hand is a rate that will fluctuate with the market over the term of your loan. For more information on fixed rate v variable rates contact us.

Mortgage Insurance is an insurance policy that protects your bank if you default on any payment or loan. Mortgage Insurance is generally required when you have less than 20 percent deposit. We can calculate your potential mortgage insurance cost quickly and easily.

Yes. Being self-employed can often mean you don’t have documentation or the ability to adequately reflect your real cash flow. At SCF Solutions we have professional finance brokers that understand this and can assist in finding the right home loan for you.

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